Image of a Dash Cam in Vehicle Driving on a Road

Dash cams – are they worth it?

Technology has advanced to the stage of almost everybody having the ability to take photos or video footage as and when they need to. With mobile devices having gotten smaller, it can be tempting to use it in the event of incidents happening whilst on the road in your vehicle. However, this is dangerous and unlawful practice. With that in mind, and the technology available to record, the vehicle dashcam can be an invaluable investment to carry around with you in your vehicle.

The purpose of a dashcam is primarily to record everything that happens around your vehicle in the event of an accident whilst on the road. Without one, it can prove difficult to prove someone else was at fault and the footage it records could prove critical in court, or with regards to your insurance company. Insurance companies often put accidents down to a 50/50 fault without proof and footage can provide that proof.

Some firms, such as couriers, insist on all drivers have a dashcam installed in their vehicle. They can however attract attention to burglars if you don’t remove or cover your camera whilst it is not in use. This is probably the only downside to having one.

At some point in the future, as networks increase bandwidth and open wi-fi coverage improves, we can expect in-vehicle dashcam footage to be automatically uploaded and streamed to the "cloud” so that footage can be viewed remotely and is stored continuously. As to date however, this technology isn’t that advanced.